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May 1, 2000

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Booth S-775

npe49.jpgWhat's Hot! Company will introduce a new blender controller called the GXB Series 4 Multi-Task Microprocessor Control Panel with touchscreen, along with T-Com software, which provides two-way communication between a central PC and the Series 4 controls.

For use on the GXB blender, the controller allows operators to have access to all parameters for editing data or entering new information.

Revisions and browsing can be done without interruption to the blender. A menu-driven format and ingredient selection in pounds, kilograms, ounces and grams, all parameters can be selected in random sequence. Each ingredient has a preset percentage with accuracy rated at 1/10 of 1% of requested ratios and a preset batch count. Mixing can be continuous or timed.

A graphic display shows all conditions. Unit has a 100-formula memory and a library of 20 materials, as well as a reporting function and a parallel printer port.

T-Com software continually monitors each blender for materials usage, formulas, settings, total throughputs and parameter settings. Inventory, production and work order reports are provided.

Formulas can be generated at the central PC and downloaded to the selected blender in operation. Three levels of security are provided: administrative, supervisory and operational.

Existing Products On Display will include Exac-U-Batch GXB gravimetric weigh scale batch blenders, vacuum loaders, feeders, pumps and system layouts.

The GXB blenders have a microprocessor-controlled R.T.L.S. (real-time live scale) to deliver target weights consistently from batch to batch. Unit is said to ensure 100% consistency and to dispense each of up to eight ingredients with accuracies to within 1/10 of 1%.

The GXB can be programmed to dispense material in a variety of precise sequences. An LCD displays menus that allow selection of the various functions via a sealed membrane keypad. Up to 100 recipes can be stored. Preset values and alarm messages are also displayed, while actual weights are continuously displayed in LEDs.

Unit dispenses major ingredients using pinch valves that are claimed to be unaffected by abrasive, dusty or irregular materials. Vibration isolation technology is used to prevent errors in batching.

Minor ingredient feeders have heavy-duty gear motors and precision augers for material delivery. A hinged motor mount and pull-out auger and sleeve assembly make for easy cleaning.

GXB blenders are available with outputs from 200 to 5000 lb/hr. Circle 311
Booth Personnel Brian DaSilva, Bill Orozco, Mike Rauch, Steve Bruder

Key Contact Brian DaSilva, Gen. Sls. Mgr. ­ Tel: 416-285-5400; Fax: 416-285-5432;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web Site: www.mould-tek.com 

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