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Multi-talented slot die increases productivity

January 1, 2006

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Multi-talented slot die increases productivity

This multi-manifold die for proximity coating of fluids onto web substrates enables processors to use a single die to apply two or more coatings simultaneously. This helps achieve higher productivity than with multi-stage processes and avoids oxidation and contamination that coatings undergo between stages. The manufacturer says that one processor who is employing the die to process high-performance electronic films has already successfully used both dual- and triple-manifold versions of the Ultracoat slot die coating head to apply various layers of ceramic slurry to polyester film substrates.

"Slot-die or proximity coating is inherently more efficient and controllable than conventional roll coating because it pre-meters coating fluid at a constant rate and is a fully enclosed system that reduces problems with airborne emissions," says Jeffrey Seckora, coating-die product manager. "The development of multi-manifold slot dies adds a new dimension to these productivity and quality advantages to enable processors to apply two more coatings in one pass."

The manifold is the flow channel inside the die that distributes the coating fluid to the desired end-product width. It develops a uniform flow pattern and establishes the desired thickness. The coating layers undergo these processes in individual manifolds before joining with other coating materials to form the multi-layer structure. Extrusion Dies Industries LLC, Chippewa Falls, WI, USA; +1 715-726-1201; www.extrusiondies.com

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