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February 1, 2000

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Multi-Tasking Hot Runner Control Is Easy To Use

Multi-Tasking Hot Runner Control Is Easy To Use

pn25-0200.jpgThe 980 Series of hot runner controllers represents a departure from theconventional path of technology upgrades, according to manufacturer Orycon Control Technology. The 980 Series is Orycon's newest line.

"Normally, an increase of control parameters causes the requirementfor operator training, to conform tonew software configurations," saysSal Benenati, President of Orycon. "Sometimes the changes can be drastic and cumbersome, requiring several steps to input a simple change, such as adjusting a set-point."

Orycon went the other way. "Rather than switching to a CRT screen, we retained the operator interface at the front panel, which is what most people are used to," Benenati says.

The new controllers are said to anticipate and correct potential problems, while simplifying set-up and maintenance. Each module can identify whether it is connected to a highly dynamic cavity or to a slow-changing manifold zone and calculate and implement the appropriate PID parameter for the application.

Units handle changes in terms of percentage of power (watts) rather than RMS voltage, which is said to allow them to expand the control field, providing a finer resolution drive to the heating elements.

A constant readjustment feature monitors and averages changes in power requirements, avoiding variations in processing due to line voltage fluctuations. The controller also has 15 diagnostic messages to help check and troubleshoot the mold's wiring before starting.

The user can do field calibration and the unit can communicate with a PC via a built-in RS-232 interface. A global setting or 'copy' mode allows users to set all zones simultaneously to the same set-point by adjusting only one zone, a 'link' mode changes allset-points incrementally, by the same value of the zone being readjusted.

The Amps display indicates the draw, as well as the full current load of each zone, while the 'power averaging' feature automatically takes over ifthe thermocouple is not respondingnormally.

Fuzzy logic and a microprocessor combine to make operation easy and intuitive, with little operator training.

The new controllers have a static cooling design that is said to be resistant to fouling from dust and contaminants. The small footprint of 6 x 6 x 36 in. for a 12-zone unit makes it easy to install in an area where injection molding machines are in close proximity.

Complete unit cost is $5924 for a 12-zone unit and $3510 for a 6-zone unit. These prices are for fully loaded systems; lower cost units are also available.

Orycon Control Technology Inc.
Ocean, NJ

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