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October 1, 2001

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Multi-Tip Nozzles, Hot Tip Nozzles Added To 'Off-The-Shelf' Lines

October, 2001

Hot Runners:

Multi-Tip Nozzles, Hot Tip Nozzles Added To 'Off-The-Shelf' Lines

Caco Technologies (a division of Caco Pacific Corp.) has taken two of its custom series hot runner nozzles and has made them available as complete, off-the-shelf assemblies. The two products are the 309 multi-tip and the 500 Series hot tip. Please contact the company directly for pricing information (use the Key Contact Directory on p 43).

The company says that, in order to maximize uptime in a molding machine, and to minimize downtime, all of its nozzles allow for in-machine maintenance, including replacement of the nozzle heater, thermocouple and tip. The manifold thermocouple and valve gate piston assembly can also be worked on while in the molding machine, without removing either the mold or mold base plate.

1001pn-18.jpgMulti-tip nozzle, the 309, uses the company's clampless style profiled heater to promote a thermally balanced nozzle. It also has 'strategically placed' copper inserts in the nozzle body to further promote an even and thorough heat profile.

This nozzle has four individual flow channels with small gate wells for fast color changes. In addition, both general-purpose and engineering grade resins can be processed, due to limited residence time and even heat profiling.

Diametrical pitch is 1 or 1.125 in. Caco says it is reviewing additional pitch spacing to offer increased flexibility.Circle 102

1001pn-19.jpgHot tip nozzle As with the 309 multi-tip, Caco's 500 Series hot tip nozzles come with the company's clampless style profiled heater. In addition, an anti-leak collar acts as a two-way positive shut-off between the manifold and nozzle, thus decreasing the possibility of leaks.

This unit has a small gate well, which is said to allow for fast color changes and minimum residence time. Two different screw tips are available for deep well gating or parts, such as lipstick caps and closures.

A 28 mm nozzle pitch spacing is currently available. Caco is looking at additional pitch spacing.Circle 103

Caco Technologies Inc.
Covina, CA

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