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September 1, 2006

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Multiple-cavity valve gate with electromagnetic drive

D art Tip, a 32-cavity valve gate application, reportedly achieves very tight cavity-to-cavity spacing with a clean-room approved electromagnetic needle drive. The system is suited for medical and food industry applications. The electromagnetic needle drive is positioned behind precision-guided round ejector plates, each operating four valve pins. An adjustment mechanism on the back of the Z1081 24V magnetic needle valve allows exact adjustment of the needle position at operating temperatures.

For molding a component with a unit weight of .3g in a 396- by 496-mm mold on a 100-ton machine, close proximity of the cooling channels ensures short cycle times. The dart tips lie flat to the split line and are fed in a controlled manner by the needle valve. Maintenance costs and wear at the gate were reduced by using the Z3345 needle closure nozzle. In addition to a homogeneous temperature profile, the nozzles offer ease of maintenance, serviceable components, and compact proportions.

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