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February 1, 2000

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Multipoint property data at your fingertips

When examining property data for materials to determine the best one for an application, it’s helpful to track the resin’s response over a range of conditions. Until recently, a fee-based online database called Prospector Web (IDES Inc., Laramie, WY) provided strictly tabular, single-point data for its 35,000 thermoplastic, thermoset, elastomer, and compounded resins listed. Now, through an added feature of the database, designers and engineers have access to multipoint curve data to predict the structural performance of a material under actual conditions for roughly 10 percent of the resin grades.

While single-point properties can help with initial material selection, the data derived from this type of search often are limited and inadequate to assess accurately how a resin will respond to varying parameters. For instance, tensile strain data typically are measured at low strain rates, and at a single temperature, time, and stress level. However, engineers assessing the probable structural performance of a plastic instrument panel, for example, need to select the appropriate value to insert into the testing equation.

With curve data, a variety of end-use conditions are examined, including time, temperature, pressure, specific volume, and viscosity. The user can choose ASTM or ISO test data, and search by more than 100 physical and mechanical properties. If the multipoint data link is selected, options such as creep modulus vs. time or viscosity vs. shear rate appear. Click on the results button and a list of products, their symbols, manufacturers, availability, and countries of distribution is generated for the chosen conditions. There is also an option to select an ASTM or ISO data sheet, multipoint data, or manufacturer contact information.

Once the Java applet curve is created, the user can manipulate the data or choose the type of axes and zoom in to fine-tune the level of detail desired in the search. Browser requirements are Netscape 4.06 or higher and Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher, and must be Java 1.1 enabled. For a temporary (two-week) login name and password to test the system, contact IDES. To purchase access to Prospector Web, visit www.idesinc.com. Fifty logins cost $980 for the first year, with a $500 renewal fee.

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Laramie, WY
Scott Murdock
Phone: (800) 788-4668
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Web: www.idesinc.com
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