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May 1, 2000

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npe50.jpgExisting Products On Display Company offers a complete line of low-cost, on-line gel counters and 'plug and play' 100% web inspection systems. NANOview Smart Camera systems start at $30,000 and detect, size and count gels, black specks, streaks, coating voids and holes. Roll maps and custom reports are provided. An image of each defect is captured and results are easily reviewed from a database of inspected rolls. Advanced filtering algorithms separate defects from normal product variation.

NANOdim Smart Cameras start at $9000 and offer an analog output for centerline guiding, edge trim control and width measurement and control. Circle 313
Key Contact Brian W. Heil ­ Tel: 770-297-8188; Fax: 770-297-8180

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