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May 1, 2000

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Booth S-418

npe51.jpgWhat's Hot! Company will be exhibiting for the first time its new Thin Film Gauge for measuring biaxially oriented and cast films. This non-nuclear sensor uses optical techniques to measure the thickness of films as thin as 2 microns.

Unit is said to be inherently insensitive to problems associated with traditional film measurement techniques. As it selectively measures only the film, it exhibits virtually no sensitivity to web and ambient temperature changes. It is also insensitive to film orientation, web pass line and web flutter.

Narrow-beam optics reportedly provide streak resolution less than 0.20 in. (5 mm). Response time is rated at better than 0.02 sec and is capable of handling scan speeds in excess of 15 in./sec.

In addition, the sensor is free of the statistical noise associated with beta gages, is not influenced by web gap temperature and has none of the issues of source licensing and care associated with beta gages. Although the sensor is designed for film applications, it can also be used to measure the heavier gage product at the casting end of a biax line, allowing for a complete non-nuclear measurement solution for biax processors.

Existing Products On Display include:

* Pro.Net measurement and control systems for extrusion and coating processes (Feb '99 PA, p 24)

* The 4100TC Pipe System for online measurement and control of extruded pipe manufacture

* Accuprobe, a simple single-point gamma backscatter measurement system for straightforward applications such as blown film. Circle 314

Key Contact Doug Joy ­ Tel: 626-960-3300; Fax: 626-939-3870;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web Site: www.ndc.com 

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