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October 1, 2001

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New All-Electric Units Offered In Sizes From 50 To 625 Tons

October, 2001

Injection Molding Machine:

New All-Electric Units Offered In Sizes From 50 To 625 Tons

1001pn-13.jpgVan Dorn Demag has introduced its first line of all-electric injection molding machines, the IntElect Series. The first model in the Series, a 110-ton unit, was up and running in the company's booth at Plastics USA, which was held October 2-4 in McCormick Place.

According to Bill Carteaux, Van Dorn's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, the IntElect Series' design was driven by extensive market research, competitive benchmarking and intensive customer input. Following are the key features cited for the IntElect Model 110 machine (see accompanying table for specifications).

The Clamp End:

  • The five-point toggle is said to provide for smooth clamp operation with even distribution of force across the platen, reduced platen deflection and mold halves that close squarely for mold protection. The footprint is small.

  • The box-style moving platen is claimed to provide more contact on the tie bars, providing 'superior' guidance. Dual bushings are said to reduce wear and make clamp action smoother.

  • Anti-friction roller bearings support the moving platen, offering mold weight support and simplifying alignment for different molds.


  • An ac servo motor is used for the clamp. The elimination of commonly used tensioners is said to result in less wear and tear on the belt.

  • A direct in-line motor powers automatic clamp tonnage and adjustment.

  • Another ac servo motor and belt-and-ball screw drive train actuates the ejectors.

The Injection End:

  • Built-in modularity reportedly gives molders maximum flexibility and configurability in choosing injection front end units.

  • Three injection unit options, each with three barrel/screw sizes, are available

  • One ac servo motor with belt-and-ball screw drive train is used for injection boost and another for screw rotation. This is said to eliminate the need to synchronize dual drives on one axis and to allow for better control of back-pressure.

  • The pulley design eliminates tensioners to increase belt life.

  • A quick-change screw and barrel with automatic barrel identification allows the control system to automatically recognize the new barrel and to calibrate the screens. Plug-in heater bands facilitate band changes and a complete screw/barrel changeover can be made in 20 min.

  • Special front end components are available to process a variety of materials.

  • The independent functions of the injection unit and the clamp are said to decrease cycle times.

The Base:

  • The pedestal-style base offers three-way part removal: under the clamp, from the operator side and from the non-operator side.

Other Features:

  • The IntElect series incorporates UL-listed parts and is claimed to comply with all ANSI and SPI safety standards.

  • The next generation of Van Dorn's Pathfinder family controller comes standard with the IntElect Series. It features a high-resolution 15-in. touchscreen; distributed I/O for almost unlimited expansion capability; connections to the Internet or host computer; and closed-loop control.

Specifications For Van Dorn Demag's 110-Ton*
IntElect All-Electric Injection Molding Machine

Clamp Stroke, in.

Maximum Daylight, in.

Minimum Mold Height, in.

Maximum Mold Height, in.

Clearance Between Tie Rods (H x V), in.

Platen Size (H x V), in.

Injection Capacity, oz**

Injection Pressure, psi

Injection Speed (max), in/sec

Screw Diameter, in.

Standard Screw rpm (max)

Recovery Rate, oz/sec**

*The injection unit on this machine comes in three sizes. For certainspecifications, we have provided a range to represent the three sizes.

**General-purpose polystyrene

According to Carteaux, "The Van Dorn Demag IntElect Series really lets molders hit the ground running." Adds Larry Doyle, Product Manager for theIntElect: "The IntElect Series has broad-based application appeal and is designed specifically for North American market requirements. However, it can be easily adapted to meet molder needs and national regulations in other countries. In this way, the IntElect Series becomes the platform for our electric machine strategy."

After the 110 IntElect, the company says it will roll out an 80-ton model this December and a 50-ton model early next year. Other models will be 165-, 220-, 280-, 330- 400- and 500-ton machines.

Carteaux noted that Van Dorn Demag would maintain its full family of injection molding machines. "The IntElect electric series is simply the latest addition to our comprehensive product line, which ranges from 28 tons to 4400 tons. Each series, whether electric, hydraulic, toggle or vertical, has its strengths. One machine technology can't meet all application requirements."

The company has not specified any particular end markets for this machine, saying that the specifications are "general-purpose enough" to target any market. Carteaux says pricing will be competitive with other electric machines.

Van Dorn Demag
Strongsville, OH Circle 101

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