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May 1, 2000

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Booth E-10922

What's Hot! New products abound in the New Castle booth. These include:

Super Stratablend Mixer--New design improves mixing up to 30% over original design. Benefits include less color loading, improved physical properties and more flexible use on various resins all without significant temperature rise. Ideal for HDPE, LLDPE extrusion-grade materials.

Hi-Pro Injection Screw Design--New screw is designed for multi-function molding applications for pre-colored, virgin or color additive processing. The design utilizes a specially designed barrier section in conjunction with New Castle's newly developed Super Stratablend mixing section. Recovery times are minimized, processing flexibility is maximized.

SuperCarb Bimetallic Barrel--SuperCarb barrel features added tungsten carbide in a nickel matrix. This competitively priced, highly compatible premium-wearing liner offers longer life and value for the maintenance dollars spent. Available for single- and twin-screw extrusion and injection molding.

Superfinished Carbide Rolls--Super-finished tungsten carbide was developed as an alternative to conventional hard chrome plating in heat-transfer roll applications requiring a flawless finish. Company's high density coating resists wear and corrosion better than chromium and is highly successful on both PVC and PVDC.

Cool Booth Details A screw-design team will be available with company's WP-1.2 Computer Screw Design Program to help you design your screw on-site. Also a roll-design team will be available help improve your product quality through modern computer-designed heat transfer rolls.Circle 162

Booth Personnel Tom Doland, President; Fred Sococchera, VP Sales; Chuck Levinger, National Accts. Manager; Todd Borst, Sales Engineer; Rob Cook, Inside Sales Manager

Key Contact Fred Sococchera, VP Sales--Tel: 800-897-2830; Fax: 724-656-5620;
E-mail: [email protected];
Web Site: www.newcas.com 

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