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May 1, 2000

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Booth N-5975

npe52.jpgWhat's Hot! The new model HS500 fines separator is designed to automatically remove fines or dust from granulators. This small unit (36 in. dia, 46 in. high) is said to be an inexpensive and maintenance-friendly alternative to vibratory screeners and pneumatic elutriation-type separators.

Unit can accomplish separation at rates up to 6000 lb/hr. It consists of the separator body (which mounts to the flange of the user's cyclone), a 3 hp blower, a cyclone to separate fines/dust from the air flow, cyclone stand, a manually operated pant-leg diverter, filter bags, around 20 ft of solid tubing, two elbows and eight couplers. Price is $11,880.

Features and benefits cited for the HS500 include: easy adjustment of the amount of fines/dust collected by turning the internal screener drum (no tools needed), fine tuning the amount of fines/dust removed via an airflow adjustment in the exit tube, rotary air locks are not needed because the unit is not a negative pressure system, smaller footprint than other types of separators and a cloth filter medium (prevents fines and dust from being expelled into the atmosphere).

Units can be retrofit to any manufacturer's granulator. For applications requiring less than 2000 lb/hr throughput, Model HS300 is available for $4750.

Other new products on display will include a rotor lock-out device for granulators and a single-shaft shredder.

Existing Products On Display will include a large-part granulator. Circle 178

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