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New pelletizer die design eliminates die-hole freeze-off

October 14, 2008

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New pelletizer die design eliminates die-hole freeze-off

Crown's no-freeze die keeps pellets perfect.

The newly developed underwater pelletizing dies from this provider of equipment for compounding, plastics recycling, pipe extrusion, profile extrusion and sheet extrusion, eliminate die-hole freeze off. The pelletizer die designs incorporate 15% patented additives, boron, and ceramic in a medium-grain tungsten carbide material. The alloy is used for solid ring or segmented construction of a 0.240-inch thick die face. The die allows melt up to 650F (about 329C) to flow through the die holes and cold water down to 34F to contact the cutting surface without die-hole freeze off. The melt leaves the die holes and enters the cutting chamber without encountering turbulence, random or incidental blade contact. The hard faces are brazed in a vacuum or at atmospheric pressure with a 0.005-inch tin/0.010-inch copper/0.005-inch silver (Trimet) material, which adds to the toughness of the bond as well as acting as a shock absorber to reduce stress on the tungsten carbide hard face. Crown Machine uwp Inc., Addison, IL, USA; +1 630-543-5240; www.crown-cdl.com.

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