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May 1, 2000

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Booth N-5115

What's Hot! Company will be introducing three new products: a grinder, a dehumidifying dryer and a gravimetric blender.

* The 3-axle S-Cutter grinder is said to have the ability to produce high-quality regrind from both soft and hard materials. The chamber opens fully to expose each blade and to make clean-up easier. The low rpm, low horsepower machine has a small footprint similar to the company's 1/2-, 1- and 2-hp S-Cutters.

* Dezat dehumidifying dryers have been redesigned to make them more aesthetic as well as easier to use with a touch-screen control panel. Ceramic heating elements have also been added.

* The new line of gravimetric blenders have easy settings for hopper selection, conveying time, weighing value, etc. Up to 50 recipes can be stored and weighing accuracy is said to be ±0.5% full scale with load cell. Hopper loaders come with 100 and 200 kg/hr capacities. The material hoppers and pellet feeders are combined into one unit for compactness. The transparent outer surface allows users to view material flow. Options include built-in printer and automatic collection of residual material.

Existing Products On Display Information will be available on the S-Cutter grinders, oil and water temperature controllers, chillers, loaders, blenders, mixers, Dezat dryers, hot-air dryers, material tanks and conveying systems.

Cool Booth Details Giveaways will include pens, notepad covers with stick-on notes and decimal/metric converters. Circle 316
Booth Personnel Bob Eberhart, Walt Stachura, Koki Nakamura, Terry Jin and Hiroto Miyake

Key Contact Kazuo Otomo, Exec. Dir. ­ Tel: 517-332-7400; Fax: 517-332-2148;
E-mail: [email protected]
Web Site: www.nissui.com 

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