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October 1, 2004

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Nozzle design concept

Thermoplay's F16 nozzle incorporates a new design concept that keeps the temperature constant along the entire nozzle length. It uses a new resistance type, wrapped in a tube of copper or brass. Power savings of around 60% are possible due to the uniform heat distribution on the whole nozzle surface. The F16 can be used for all types of thermoplastics. Thermoplay says the shape of the resistance has been specifically designed to overcome coupling problems caused by the different thermal expansion coefficients of different materials. The heater does not deform as temperatures change and stays in contact with the nozzle body. The tip shape allows fast color changes. The F16's modularity simplifies maintenance; worn parts can be exchanged without removing the nozzle from the mold. Thermoplay, Pont St.Martin, Italy; www.thermoplay.it

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