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Online viscosity measurement

March 1, 2006

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Online viscosity measurement

Designed to monitor and record rheological parameters, an online viscosimeter is fitted between two flange connections, and the melt channel can be designed according to customers? specifications between .8 and 4 inches. The unit includes a pump drive, a pump, pressure transducers, temperature sensors, and the control and evaluation electronics. Process parameters can be set, and the evaluation and display shown, on a user friendly touchscreen panel?or these features can be integrated into an existing control system.

During use, a small amount of polymer melt is diverted from the main melt channel with a high precision metering gear pump and pumped through a precisely manufactured slot capillary. Melt temperature and melt pressure is measured at two locations. Based on internal calculations, the viscosimeter monitors the value of the representative shear rate and the corresponding viscosity. Different shear rates can be set and by corresponding corrections the real values for viscosity and shear rate can be derived.

The unit offers short dwell time, no dead spots, and no remains in the melt channels; and no elastic properties are recorded due to measurement in a rectangular cross section. The compact design allows flexible adaptation to existing melt pipes or extrusion lines. The viscosimeter debuts at NPE 2006 in Booth 4766.

Gneuss Inc., Matthews, NC
(704) 841-7251; www.gneuss.com

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