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Outsourcing May Be A Trend In Polymer R&D

February 28, 2003

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Outsourcing May Be A Trend In Polymer R&D

As resin suppliers trim costs, they may outsource research of new engineering grades in the coming years, predicts Jürgen Stebani, managing director at polyMaterials Creative Polymer Technologies, Kaufbeuren, Germany, which already handles r&d for a number of undisclosed producers in Europe and the U.S.

“Polymer makers are cutting r&d budgets because of a lack of [profitability] and they are unwilling to finance research of technical grades if they don’t see short-term payback,” says Stebani. “If this trend continues, and I believe it will, processors could be faced with fewer options and grades in the future.”

Stebani says independent companies like his are already developing, in tandem with end-users and processors, new grades for specific applications. Stebani says the majority of work in outsourced r&d will be in engineering resins.

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