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May 11, 2007

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Pakistan's polymer market offers growth, opportunities

Dubai, U.A.E — With a per capita consumption of plastics close to only 3.5 kg/yr (consumption averages 80 kg/yr for the 25 countries in the EU), Pakistan’s hunger for polymers has no place to go expect up, says Mohammad Ibrahim Kasumbi, CEO of Umair Petrochemicals (Karachi, Pakistan), a polymer marketing and distribution company. The country’s processing sector grew 17% in the last five years, he told participants of the recent Dubai Plast Pro 2007 conference conducted by Maack Business Services (Au, Switzerland). But the lion’s share of polymer (total: 635,000 tonnes/yr) has to be imported from Saudi Arabia, India, Qatar, and other neighboring areas.

His company is predicting that polymer demand should grow by 15%/yr through 2011. According to him the fastest growth today is occurring in automotive, electronic and electrical appliances, and polypropylene woven sacks. Kasumbi says the country is “an outsourcing heaven” since average wages are below those in China and the government permits 100% foreign investment.—[email protected]

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