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November 1, 2004

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Parallel twin-screw extruders with high output

Four models of the TP Series parallel twin-screw extruders come in 93-, 115-, 140-, and 172-mm diameters, with high-torque gearboxes, up to 224-kW motors, and outputs as high as 1800 kg/hr for rigid PVC profile and 2275 kg/hr for rigid PVC pipe or sheet. The extruder?s drive design, channel depth, optimized centerline-to-diameter, and an L/D choice of 26:1 or 33:1 for all sizes make these machines suited for a wide range of applications from rigid profile and woodflour plastic composites to flexible PVC pelletizing.

Maximum output for the largest model ranges from 1800 kg/hr for rigid PVC profile to 2275 kg/hr for rigid PVC pipe and siding. Specialty screw design provides superior surface area for gentle plastication. This optimizes heat transmission efficiency over the full length of the screws to the feedstock, while optimizing the compression ratio for longer screw and barrel life. The extruders produce a homogeneous melt temperature with pulse-free, positive-displacement pumping?making them well suited to extrusion of vinyl and similar heat- and shear-sensitive materials with a wide processing window and high output rates.

Cincinnati Milacron Extrusion Systems, Batavia, OH
(513) 536-3303

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