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Parting Shots: Shaping cycling winners

May 31, 2001

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Parting Shots: Shaping cycling winners

0601148d.jpg You never know where you'll find the IMM logo—like on this racing cyclist's jersey. Pulled together by Tom Irvine, president and ceo of Prime Alliance (group photo, far left, black shirt), the road racing team pictured below, right was organized last fall to bring visibility to the resin supplier in national competitions and an awareness of the importance of plastics among the environmentally conscious demographic of cyclists. Although this is a relatively young group (most are 23 or younger), Prime Alliance's biking ranks include Olympians James and Jonas Carney (holding bike and to his right, respectively) and former Olympians Roy Knickman, the team's general manager (far right, black shirt), and Kirk Willett, road manager (second from right, black shirt). When they're not riding, the Carneys and other team members visit schools to talk about cycling, succeeding, and (what else?) plastics. Joining IMM in sponsoring Prime Alliance's team are Dow, LNP, Solutia, Cyro, and Rhetech.




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