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Parting Shots: The way to a toolmaker's heart

May 27, 2002

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Parting Shots: The way to a toolmaker's heart

The way to a toolmaker's heart

Only a precious few employees have ever left Polyshot since it opened for business 13 years ago. The last person left to work in a Christian ministry.

In addition to being blessed with a near-zero employee turnover rate, Polyshot has enjoyed a good rate of growth. In fact, this hot runner systems manufacturer recently grew itself into a brand new 13,000-sq-ft facility in West Henrietta, a suburb of Rochester, NY.

Doug Hepler, president, says he spent about 10 percent more on interior decoration than what he could have. But he says the extra initial outlay is insignificant when compared to the morale dividend.

Polyshot is a place where people enjoy coming to work. Everyone feels comfortable sharing their creativity. And they have all the tools they need to get the job done right. A good working environment helps Hepler keep good people on board, people who help Polyshot sustain its good growth.

The offices are elegantly appointed. Skylights are everywhere. The spacious, temperature-controlled shop floor has windows instead of walls and is equipped with leading-edge manufacturing systems. But if any one thing in Polyshot's new HQ best expresses Hepler's master plan, it's the company cafeteria.

A retro design harkening back to a 1950s-vintage malt shop, or an all-American diner, it's the kind of place where everyone at Polyshot, including customers, can have fun while taking a break. In a word, Daddy-o, it's cool.

West Henrietta, NY
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