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The global sales and distribution network of DME Co. has been joined with the hot runner, processing, and analytical technology of Plastic Engineering & Technical Services Inc. in a strategic alliance aimed at improved sourcing for molders and moldmakers worldwide. First targets: new solutions for medical and high-volume consumer applications.

PlasticsToday Staff

March 10, 2010

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PETS hot runner tech now allied with DME distribution

DME president Dave Lawrence said, "The nimble, adaptive, and applications-focused approach of PETS complements the strong standard mold technology products of DME—creating solutions for all of our customers, molders and moldmakers alike, wherever they are located." The headquarters of the two companies are each located outside Detroit, MI.

PETS has been a strong presence in multiple markets, and particularly in the automotive sector, for more than 25 years, using FEA (finite element analysis) process simulation to help processors improve cycle times, yield rates, and molded part quality. The company says it earned its reputation by successfully taking on challenging applications: the very large, the hard-to-fill, unbalanced family molds, varying wall thicknesses, thin walls, and parts needing to eliminate or hide knitlines and gate vestiges.

Noting that the industry must continue to cut costs and maximize technology benefits as it emerges from the economic downturn, PETS founder/president Patrick Tooman said, "Our shared goal is to provide innovative products and first-rate plastics molding technology that will meet or exceed the customers' most demanding plastic processing and moldmaking application requirements."

Initially targeting medical and high-volume consumer products molders, a series of unspecified but patented hot runner nozzles, sequence controls, and temperature controls will be released in April. The two companies say other offerings are in the final development stages, some in beta testing.

This alliance expands the global marketing footprint of each company. For example, DME can now serve Asian customers directly from the PETS manufacturing facility in southeast China, in addition to the four existing DME locations in that country, which can support the PETS technology.

This strategic alliance follows by a month DME's announcement that it is now the exclusive North American supplier of the Elmet cold runner systems for LSR molding. —[email protected]

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