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Phillips-Medisize Corp. (Hudson, WI) has commenced full-scale production of a finished injector pen at its Suzhou, China, facility. The customer for this pen is a leader in the development and manufacturing of delivery systems for drug self-administration. The pens are produced in the company's China facility for use in China and other Asian markets, representing a "cornerstone" of the company's recently announced "China for China" strategy.

Clare Goldsberry

April 23, 2014

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Phillips-Medisize ships drug-delivery injector pen from new Suzhou, China, facility

This project, which started in 2011, included a global engineering team led from Europe, which has successfully transferred this product into production. The program features molds built in Europe and China, and an automated online scalable process, which produces a finished injector pen.

Matt Jennings, President and CEO of Phillips-Medisize, commented, "The start of production signifies the successful execution of our China for China strategy. The global Phillips-Medisize team is very excited about the attainment of this milestone, as it validates our fully integrated capabilities for customers who desire products designed specifically for the China/Asia market and manufactured in a Chinese facility, all with state-of-the-art western medical quality systems and procedures."

In January, the company announced a supply agreement for insulin pen components with Sanofi, a leader for diabetes treatment, resulting in the expansion of the Phillips-Medisize manufacturing plant in Kontiolahti, Finland.

Phillips-Medisize is a global outsource provider of design and manufacturing services to the medical device and diagnostics, drug delivery, and commercial markets. The company has annual sales of over $500 million with 75% of the total revenue coming from drug delivery, medical device, and primary pharmaceutical packaging and diagnostic products such as disposable insulin pens, glucose meters, specialty inhalation drug-delivery devices, single-use surgical devices, and consumable diagnostic components.

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