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June 1, 2008

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Pick your gate: side, edge, or double-edge

Injection molding

Even in small spaces, Heitec?s 3D hot runner system offers versatility.

Combining the benefits of valve gating with the advantages of side gating, Heitec?s new 3D hot runner system enables molders to edge gate, side gate, or edge gate from two sides. The modularly-built flat nozzle consists of two separately controlled, flat (optional round) nozzles at its front, each shaft outfitted with its own replaceable heating element and thermocouple. Minimum cavity spacing is just 9 mm.The system incorporates the mechanical angled actuator Heitec introduced in 2006, with just one actuator bar driving the needles, guaranteeing their synchronous movement. All needles are adjustable in one alteration or can be individually adjusted externally.Heitec Heisskanaltechnik, Burgwald, Germany; +49 6451-7283-0; www.heitec.comHeitec hot runners are marketed in North America by Technoject Machinery Corp. Bolton, ON; +1 905-951-7144; www.technoject.com

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