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July 1, 2005

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Pipe bend protects high-velocity conveying systems

The Pellbow pipe bend is said to prevent costly damage to elbows and avoid the formation of streamers and dust caused when solid particles are injected into a high-velocity conveying system?the higher the velocity, the higher the friction, which can cause the formation of streamers and dust in elbows.

The Pellbow design creates a streamlined pocket shape by enlarging the bend at the incoming point in order to produce a soft layer of pellets just before they impact the angular target zone. The resulting soft layer of pellets deflects incoming pellets toward the outlet, minimizing product loss and air pressure resistance.

The unit can be used in all high- and low-density dilute phase systems; with plastic pellets, other granules, and abrasive products; for retrofitting existing systems; and in the replacement of long and short radius elbows and other pipe bends.

The Pellbow is reportedly compact and easy to install, 100% self-cleaning, and fits all flange and pipe connections.

Pelletron Corp., Lancaster, PA
(717) 293-4008

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