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December 1, 2006

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Polyolefin grades aid processors' applications

In the ongoing effort to develop products that stretch the property balance of polyolefins and create new performance opportunities for OEMs, this resin maker has come up with two new grades of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). With these grades, says Pierre Herben, head of innovation and new business at Basell Polyolefins Europe, processors &147;can offer OEM design engineers new options and opportunities to apply products in evermore demanding applications.&148; Hostalen ACP5331A is a blowmolding grade with a good combination of mechanical properties, high tensile modulus, and environmental stress-cracking resistance said to be higher than current standard blowmolding HDPE grades. Typically processors select this grade for blowmolded jerry cans since it allows a reduction of wall thickness which translates into lower container weight, reduced material consumption, and faster cycle times.

Another recently-developed HDPE grade, Hostalen GX4041, for blown film, is claimed to deliver a combination of stiffness and impact performance needed for lamination film, release films, paper-like web, labels, and heavy duty sacks. It has good bubble stability, low gel levels, and a homogeneous appearance. Basell, Elkton, MD, USA; +1 410-996-1600; www.basell.com

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