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May 1, 2004

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Precision hot runner heaters

Precision Bi-Metal Series heaters reportedly offer a high heat transfer coefficient due to a nickel-plated copper inner sleeve instead of standard nickel-plated aluminum. The heating element is tightly sandwiched between the inner and outer sleeves?instead of having room to expand away from the inner sleeve?for better thermal contact. The heaters have a resistance tolerance of ±2% and hermetically sealed cold leads for fast start-ups, consistent temperatures tip to tip, few heater burnouts, low energy consumption, low maintenance costs, and high-quality parts.

In addition to the bi-metal styles, the company offers axial cam locks, screw clamps, and axial wedge locks. Various standard sizes and wattages are available, or heaters can be custom configured to molder specifications, including thermal profiling. All mini heaters come standard with ±2% resistance tolerance, 5- and 7-inch staggered cold leads, and a 72-inch insulated lead.

Marathon Plastics Group Inc., Wayside, NJ
(888) 400-6252; [email protected]

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