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February 1, 2005

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Preform design augments container performance

A revolutionary monolayer preform design for single-use PET bottles and larger water coolers features a bellows geometry that serves three purposes: added barrier properties; easier size reduction; and, in the case of water coolers, contraction as water is removed. This last feature eliminates the space where oxygen usually sits and affects water flavor over time.

The Ziggy Pack also allows molders to use less PET; whereas companies today are molding a 450g PET preform for a 5-gallon water cooler, the Ziggy only weighs 280g. By December, the manufacturer anticipated reducing that to 250g. In addition to acting as a barrier, the unique bellows geometry allows bottles or containers to be compacted, shrinking 35% by volume, for easier storage in a fridge, and less space in the trash when discarded.

The company has used virgin and recycled PET and, compared to previous water cooler preforms that were 700 mm in length and required a 700-ton press for molding, the Ziggy is only 267 mm long and can be used on a 300-ton machine.

Development began in 1999, but K 2004 was the first time the Ziggy has been shown. Its creator is planning on selling the licenses for the preform and container, and it has a worldwide patent. In addition to water, other markets include juices, syrup, milk, and mozzarella. The company is exploring a PE version for detergents. Concordia Development srl., Milan, Italy; [email protected]

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