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August 23, 2008

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Press offers big production, small footprint

NP_Engel_ac.jpgThe Duo 4550/650 is 1.5m shorter and 12.5 tons lighter than the ES 4550 in spite of injection units that use the same modular design. Engel says the weight difference results from design differences in clamping systems. The tiebarless model has an open C-frame instead of tiebars, so to offer the same rigidity and parallelism it can support tools up to 7.8 tons that measure 1480 by 900 mm. The Duo, however, can support molds that weigh up to 10.1 tons and measure 1465 by 1360 mm.
To achieve this, the Duo applies a carriage-mounted moving platen not found in its conventional three-platen counterparts. The four tiebars in the Duo are equipped with pressure pads that permanently connect to the stationary platen. Upon mold closing, the tiebars attach to the moving platens via ring segment fixtures. Clamping force can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing pressure in the four pressure pads, allowing only a minimum amount of hydraulic oil to be used.
On display at the Fakuma show in Friedrichshafen, Germany (Oct. 15-19, 2002), the Duo 4550/560 was used to mold an engine intake manifold component out of glass-fiber-reinforced PA.
Engel, Guelph, ON
(519) 836-0220

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