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March 1, 2000

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Process Weighing System Incorporates 'Next Generation' Of Digital WeightProcessing

Process Weighing System Incorporates 'Next Generation' Of DigitalWeight Processing

pn4-0300.jpgThe LCp-104 Process Weighing System from BLH Electronics is said to provide ultra-high resolution (1 million count/cell) with precise repeatability for critical weighing applications.

Synchronous digital measurement of each system load cell is said to guarantee accuracy, regardless of process-induced vibration, agitation and thermal expansion. BLH says that, until now, inherent load shifting during weighing cycles, mixing or blending has restricted the performance of conventional load cell measurement systems.

Units have true parallel signal processing so each system update (and there are 120 updates/sec) is summed and the full benefit of individual cell measurement is reflected in final product quality.

Intuitive digital filtering is said to maximize weighing stability and dynamic response by continuously analyzing system noise characteristics and automatically adjusting software filtering parameters. Diagnostic 'look ahead profiles' alert users to potential system malfunctions before they happen.

A range of communication and network options are available, including Allen-Bradley Remote I/O, Modbus Plus, Modbus RTU and Profibus. Please contact BLH for pricing information (use the Key Contact Directory on p 46).

BLH Electronics, Inc.
Canton, MA 

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