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May 1, 1999

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Product News - Air-Driven Vacuum Pumps Handle Low Or Fluctuating Compressed AirPressures

Air-Driven Vacuum Pumps Handle Low Or Fluctuating Compressed Air


pn5-599.jpgThe new Low Pressure M Series vacuum pumps are designed to provide 27-inHg of vacuum at an inlet pressure of only 49 psi. There are three pumps in the series and each is said to have broad application capabilities, which allow users to choose a pump without having to specify precise operating characteristics.

The M25 is priced at $256, the M50 at $338 and the M100 at $510. The M100 provides four times the vacuum flow compared as the M25 and also provides faster evacuation.

The Low Pressure M pumps are said to be ideal for applications requiring high flow at moderate vacuum levels. They can be used in packaging systems, for lab use, for materials handling and in other industrial automation systems.

Pumps have an aluminum connection plate for durability and a lightweight PPS composite body (1.43 to 1.8 lb) that provides for easy assembly and disassembly with only four bolts.

PIAB Vacuum Products
Rockland, MA

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