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May 1, 1999

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Product News - Band Heater Has Cast Aluminum Heater Coil

Band Heater Has Cast Aluminum

Heater Coil

A new band heater design features a heater coil that is completely cast in aluminum. The manufacturer says this offers three advantages:

1) The heater is split along its length and is flexible allowing for easy opening and installation over the nozzle pn4-599.jpg without disturbing any heaters and wiring in front of the one being changed. The heater is secured with the aid of a clamp.

2) As a result of aluminum's good heat conductivity and capacity, the heaters respond quickly, ensuring an extremely uniform heat distribution in the melt channel along the length of the nozzle.

3) The aluminum casting protects the heat wire against damage and local overheating, ensuring long nozzle heater life.

The band heaters are available with a choice of two inner diameters: 32 mm for the screw-in nozzles of the EB and EZ Series and 42 mm for EC Series nozzles. They are supplied in lengths of 40, 80, 120 and 160 mm to meet the actual heat output requirement of the nozzle.

The manufacturer asks that you contact it directly for pricing information. Please use the Key Contact Directory.

Dynisco HotRunners
Gloucester, MA

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