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Product News - Bulk Handling News: Quick-Clean Gate Valve, Improved PositionAssembly

August 1, 1999

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Product News - Bulk Handling News: Quick-Clean Gate Valve, Improved PositionAssembly

Bulk Handling News: Quick-Clean Gate Valve, Improved Position Assembly

pn16-899.jpgSalina Vortex has introduced a brand new quick-clean gate valve and has redesigned its Infinite Variable Position Assembly. The company says pricing depends on sizes and custom modifications, so please contact them directly for specifics via the Use our Key Contact Directory.

Gate valve The Quick Clean Orifice Gate valve is designed to be easily taken apart and re-assembled in minutes and without tools. The gate, however, still retains its ability to handle materials being conveyed under differential pressures.

Unit is said to be perfect for processes that require a valve to be cleaned daily or during shift changes. It comes in tube sizes from 2 to 8 in. and with a variety of mounting modifications so it can be adapted to existing equipment.

PN 14-8/99Position assembly, which can be mounted on select gate valves, has updated control electronics. Users can remotely control the flow of dry bulk material through a valve without making manual adjustments and computations.

Gate position can be controlled by a new touch-pad controller or through a PLC using a 4-20 mA current loop. Position indication is accomplished through a 4-20 mA output signal to a PLC that is now a standard feature of the assembly.

The upgraded electronics and air controls used to position the blade are said to be fast-acting, reliable and repeatable. Blade indication is accurate to ± 1/4 in. and repeatable to ± 1/16 in. over the full stroke of the gate.

Salina Vortex Corp.
Salina, KS

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