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May 1, 1999

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Product News - CMM Probe Offers Stylus Changing, Three Trigger Force Capabilities

CMM Probe Offers Stylus Changing, Three Trigger Force


pn9-599.jpgThe TP20 CMM touch-trigger probe is designed to enhance the inspection flexibility and throughput of shop-floor coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). Unit introduces manual/automatic stylus changing capability and three trigger-force variations. The three trigger forces are 8 g at 10 mm, 10 g at  25 mm and 10 g at 50 mm.

The TP20 has a two-part design consisting of a probe body and a detachable stylus module, which contains the kinematic touch sensor and carries the
stylus. The magnetically attached, removable stylus module allows for manual or automatic probe changes without recalibration.

An optional MCR20 Mo- dule Changing Rack holds six pre-calibrated stylus modules for automatic changes, and multiple racks can be used. The MCR20 uses a passive magnetic system to inhibit probe triggers during a change, which eliminates the need for special cabling or software to execute automatic stylus changes.

The removable stylus modules are low cost, making it easy to keep spares on hand. And because they can separate easily from the probe body, the damage and cost of a probe crash are reduced.

Unit is compatible with any manual or direct computer control CMM. Price is $3600 for the probe and two stylus modules.

Renishaw Inc.
Schaumburg, IL

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