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November 1, 1998

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Product News -  Compact, 'Intelligent' Temperature Transmitters MonitorInternal Resistance

Compact, 'Intelligent' Temperature Transmitters Monitor Internal Resistance

pn-14.jpgThe INOR IPAQ series of in-head (IPAQ-H) and DIN rail (IPAQ-L) transmitters, from TTI, are for use with most temperature sensors, including thermocouples, RTDs, voltage, millivolts, milliamps and potentiometric inputs that require a 4-20 ma linearized and isolated output.

Both series can be field-configured with the IPRO Windows-based program, which allows input and output configuring, custom linearization and setting of other parameters. They also have a 'Smart Sense' feature, which can monitor the sensor's internal resistance and  drive the output to a particular level before the sensor fails.

The IPAQ-H+ version offers isolation up to 3750 v ac, along with custom linearization up to 40 data pairs or eight polynomials. FM versions are available. Prices start at $189.00.

Total Temperature Instrumentation Inc.
Williston, VT

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