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January 1, 1999

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Product News - Compact Ionizing Bar Eliminates Static Cling

Compact Ionizing Bar Eliminates Static Cling

pn18.jpgA new ionizing bar is said to eliminate the static electricity on films and other plastics that attracts dust and other foreign materials that ruin product appearance, produce tearing or jamming and 'zap' personnel.

The electrically powered bar is compact so it can fit in confined spaces. In addition, life expectancy has been extended by insertion molding the stainless steel ion emitters into a durable plastic. There are no openings or grooves to accumulate dirt that could cause shorting or arcing.

A 5 kv power source eliminates the frequent burnouts associated with traditional 7 kv bars. Bars come in standard lengths up to 42 in.; special lengths up to 120 in. can be ordered. Unit comes with a 5-ft shielded cable with ground and a mounting flange. Prices start at $140.

Exair Corp.
Cincinnati, OH

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