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April 1, 1999

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Product News - Continuous Densifier Could Replace Grinders, Edge Trim RefeedSystems

Continuous Densifier Could Replace Grinders, Edge Trim

Refeed Systems

pn23-499.jpgThe new KAG 600/50 continuous densifier takes roll stock, loose film and other light bulk density materials and turns it into pellets at rates of about 200 lb/hr. The resulting pellet is as close to a melt-filtered pellet as you can get without using an extruder screw and melt filter, according to the manufacturer. The system is said to be ideal for extruders who don't need melt filtering, but who do need a pelletized end-product.

Benefits cited include: attractive cost/benefit ratio (price and energy consumption is generally half that of equipment with a melt filter), self-adjusting operating range when reprocessing edge trim, low sound levels and minimal thermal damage to the reprocessed material.

In operation, the system is fed with loose, non-sized reduced waste via an automatic conveyor. Other automatic feeding systems are available for edge trim directly via guide rolls and conveyor or via pipe and an edge trim cyclone. Film rolls can be fed via reel feeder. Any combination of feed system can be used.

If needed, the system can be equipped with an automatic control system to adjust the throughput to varying amounts of incoming edge trim, which must be reprocessed immediately and fed back to the extrusion line.

The material is processed in the cutter/compactor. Material is cut, homogenized, heated, dried and predensified in one step. The rotating knives fill the short (7D), single-screw extruder, which is connected to the agglomerator.

The reprocessed material is only partially melted in the short extruder and in this form is 'granulated' on the face of the extruder cylinder. Depending on the material, bulk density of the final product averages 18 to 25 lb/cu ft. The KAG 600/50 is priced at $50,000.

Erema North America Inc.
Topsfield, MA

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