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June 1, 1999

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Product News - Controller Designed For Large Bulk Handling Systems

Controller Designed For Large Bulk Handling Systems

pn23-699.jpgThe new Conveypacer III Series 'S',  from Mould-tek is a controller designed for the manufacturer's bulk materials handling systems. The controller is available on new systems only.

The microprocessor-based controller uses multi-station sequencing and is designed to eliminate the cost associated with fully operational 115 v systems. All communication is performed by RS-485 twisted wire between each station and the main panel.

Unit will operate two vacuum pumps simultaneously, filling any combination of up to 32 stations. It will sequence both single and dual material inlet vacuum loaders for fill times, and material ratio with layer control on dual inlet vacuum loaders.

Other features include key-pad entry with LCD and LED readouts, programming by central panel or individual panel units, automatic data update among central and indivi-dual panels, the ability to change from time-fill to volume-fill, automatic re-conance in case of failure to convey the first time, visual and audible alarms, control for priority station selection, single key access for status review and password protection.

Please contact the manufacturer for more information on its bulk handling equipment, including system pricing by using the Key Contact Directory.

Mould-tek Industries, Inc.
Toronto, ON Canada

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