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December 1, 1998

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Product News - Core Pins Come In Custom Ground Diameters

Core Pins Come In Custom Ground


pn11-1298.jpgThe Rosspunch line of H-13 core pins come in standard fractional dimensions from 3/64 to 3/4 in. diameter and in 3-, 6- and 10-in. lengths. Available in Rc 30 to 35 and Rc 50 to 55 hardnesses, these core pins can be custom ground to diameter tolerances as close as 0.0001 in.

All parts in the line can be fabricated from powdered metal, stainless steel and most other tool steels on a custom basis and supplied with special cut lengths.

They are priced according to size, material and quantity, with delivery from stock on standard items. Contact the manufacturer for detailed pricing information (see Key Contact/Company Directory).

Ross Tool Corp.
Warren, RI

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