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July 1, 1999

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Product News - Data Logger For Polymer Filtration System

Data Logger For Polymer Filtration System

pn12-799.jpgThe PCS-1 Data Logger is used in conjunction with the manufacturer's Rotary III constant-pressure-drop, continuous flow filtration system under control of a PCS-1 process controller.

Connected to the PCS-1 via an RS-232 or RS-485 converter, the Data Logger lets operators set melt temperature, two temperature zones on the filter and one other temperature zone. Differential pressure and a warning point for maximum upstream pressure can also be set.

Monitored values of upstream and downstream pressure, and all four temperature readings, are displayed. The air pressure used to drive the Rotary III incrementing disk, the number of cavities that are awaiting service and the total number of cavities serviced on the specific run are also shown.

The display can be scaled to suit various pressure, temperature and time ranges. On-line values are plotted on the display screen. Values are stored in a table that is frequently saved. Values written to the table can be plotted off-line to show operating trends, screenpack consumption and response to contamination.

The data can also be e-mailed to the manufacturer's office for analysis. Corrections are e-mailed back to the field and adjustments can be made via touch screen, mouse or keyboard.

The Data Logger is available as a software package that can be used with compatible PCs or as a complete package with a selection of computers. The software-only package is priced at $3800.

PATT Filtration Inc.
St. Eustache, QU Canada

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