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May 1, 1999

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Product News - Diameter Gage Fits In Tight Places

Diameter Gage Fits

In Tight Places

pn6-599.jpgThe new Microscan 2 diameter gage is said to provide high measurement accuracy on extrusion lines where there isn't much space for such instruments. The company says it's ideal for insulation wire, small cable and tubing up to 10 mm.

Unit uses the mechanical and optical designs of the manufacturer's Accuscan line. An integrated air wipe system minimizes lens contamination and proprietary software compensates for any debris that momentarily finds its way onto the lens. A cast and machined aluminum case, sealed to  NEMA 4 and IP65 standards, keeps moisture and dirt out.

According to the manufacturer, the Microscan 2 is so stable that after a year of continuous operation, most users have no need to recalibrate the gage. In addition, digital signal processing minimizes external interference.

This diameter gage can be connected to a variety of devices for data display and/or dimensional control. In addition to a stand-alone indicator unit, the Microscan 2 can be connected to an interface unit, which can, in turn, be connected to a PC, PLC or controller. The manufacturer's CI900, CI1000 and Betascan control systems can be integrated with the Microscan 2.

Pricing is available from the manufacturer. Please contact them via the Key Contact Directory.

Beta LaserMike
Dayton, OH

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