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November 1, 1998

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Product News - Horizontal/Vertical Flame Chamber Tests In Accordance With UL 94

Horizontal/Vertical Flame Chamber Tests In Accordance With UL 94

pn-4.jpgThe HVUL Horizontal Vertical Flame Chamber, from Atlas, is said to provide the draft-free environment accepted by Underwriters Laboratories for UL 94 testing of plastics. Unit has a large chamber volume (>0.5 m3) and avoids oxygen depleted conditions for precise and repeatable test conditions.

The HVUL is constructed of stainless steel and includes a large, tempered glass sliding window for interior viewing and access for changing specimens and holders. Self-sealing rubber iris hand ports prevent drafts while allowing freedom of movement.

A stopwatch and three digital event times, actuated with a hand-held remote control, are said to ensure accurate burn-even timing. A liquid-filled manometer monitors burner back-pressure readings while supply gas is controlled by a flow meter and pressure regulator. In the event of a power failure, operation safety is ensured by an automatic gas shut-off system.

For tests that require hand manipulation of the Bunsen burner, the burner carriage and support rods have been designed for quick removal to provide unobstructed burner positioning.

Unit meets the test method specified in UL 94 (revisions through July 10, 1998), Standard Tests for Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and Appliances.

It can also be used for conducting tests in accordance with ASTM D-635, 3801, 4804, 4986 and 5048; ISO 1210, 9772.3, 9773, 10351; and IEC 707 (partial).

The HVUL comes with all accessories to run five UL 94 burner tests and includes five specimen holders, as well as the Bunsen burner and connection tubing. The user must supply the appropriate burner gas.

Optional are a high-temperature exhaust blower with variable speed control for clearing the unit of smoke and gases between tests and a Flame Confirmation Kit for conducting burner calibrations in accordance with ASTM D-5207 (kit includes a digital thermometer and specialized copper sensory probes).

Atlas Electric Devices Co.
Chicago, IL

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