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January 1, 1999

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Product News - Hot Runner Temperature Control Upgraded With Remote Monitor,Ethernet Interface

Hot Runner Temperature Control Upgraded With Remote Monitor, Ethernet Interface

pn16.jpgThe Series 9500 control system now has a remote-monitor feature, which is the result of customer requests for communication between injection molding machines and temperature controllers, with all information readily accessible.

The monitor can be placed an indefinite distance from the main control cabinet, so the hot runner control screen is visible at the operator side of the molding machine. One cable is needed to connect the monitor to the cabinet.

Floppy disk and touch-screen capabilities are now operator-accessible on the remote monitor. In addition, an Ethernet interface option has been added.

The manufacturer says the upgrades do not add to the cost of the controller, but asks that you contact them directly for pricing information (see Key Contact Directory).

Gammaflux L.P.
Sterling, VA

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