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February 1, 1999

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Product News - Laboratory Testing Instruments Meet Various Needs

Laboratory Testing Instruments Meet

Various Needs

pn132-99.jpgHaake has introduced a variety of new instruments including a new line of lab measuring equipment and a benchtop rheometer. The company asks that you contact it directly for pricing information. Use the Key Contact Directory

Lab measuring equipment comprises Rheoflixer HT, the Meltflixer, the Thermoflixer K-System III and the pvT 100.

The Rheoflixer HT is a computer-controlled, high-pressure capillary rheometer that is designed to determine the flow behavior of polymers as a function of shear rate and temperature. Unit measures viscosity over a range of shear rates. Menu-driven control and evaluation software requires no special computer knowledge and an evaluation program contains all common corrections.

The Meltflixer includes measuring equipment for the determination of melt flow index and melt volume index in temperatures up to 750 F. Measurements are computer controlled and automated. A PC, VGA monitor, hard disk and software for control, data acquisition and data management are included.

The Thermoflixer K-System III us a unit for the measurement of the thermal conductivity of fluid, soft and solid materials as a function of temperature.

The pvT 100 is an automated, computer-controlled instrument that determines and analyzes such thermodynamic properties as density or specific volume as a function of temperature.

Benchtop rheometer The Rosand RH2000 is a benchtop capillary rheometer that is designed to characterize most any fluid in any processing flow situation.

The unit is said to have a very stable and powerful drive system, along with automatic and simultaneous sample measurements to get the Bagley correction before applying the Rabinowitsch correction, and automatically available degradation behavior.

The RH2000 measures elongational viscosity by detecting materials' extensional properties. The unit makes wall slip measurements suitable for quality control testing and measures both shear and extensional modulus from die swell.

It is available with one or two bores for greater accuracy and versatility. Pressure measurement is by precision transducers. A range of high-precision dies is offered as standard and special dies are also available. Unit is based on the RH7 Series of rheometers.

Haake, Inc.
Paramus, NJ

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