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June 1, 1999

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Product News - Laser Gage Provides Dual-Plane Diameter Measurements

Laser Gage Provides Dual-Plane Diameter Measurements

pn1-699.jpgThe new Accuscan LD1100-XY laser scanning micrometer for profile extruders is designed to provide dual-plane diameter measurements and display them in a compact self-contained package. Unit reportedly takes 2000 measurements/ sec and can measure diameters up to 4 in.

By tracking the diameter along two planes, the Accuscan gives users the information they need to constantly improve and verify the quality of the moving profile. The custom motor in the gage is said to be dynamically balanced to ensure continuous measurements. A durable, sealed housing makes it ideal for harsh environments.

The gage comes with a number of options, including a 'smart' digital display that allows users to view measurements and to perform set-up functions from the gage itself. A flaw-detection option detects lumps, neck-downs, nicks and other defects. Communication with other industrial networks is available with DH+ and other networking options.

Pricing is available directly from the manufacturer (see the Key Contact Directory).

Beta LaserMike USA
Dayton, OH

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