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November 1, 1998

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Product News - Low Speed, Reversing Granulator Provides Top Quality Regrind

Low Speed, Reversing Granulator Provides Top Quality Regrind

 pn-18-a.jpgCumberland Engineering has released additional information about its recently patented Model 6x8RR granulator (May/Jun '97 PA, p 22), which it initially introduced at NPE, June, '97.

Results of the low speed, reversing capabilities are said to be superior quality regrind, extended knife life, no flyback, less noise and optimum drive-motor horsepower.

The unit operates at less than 100 rpm with reversing features analogous to a shredder. This will assist in preventing the machine from jamming in a potential overload situation. The granulator can be reversed manually with a selector switch on the machine control cabinet. The unit is also available with an optional motor-sensing device and zero rpm switch that will automatically reverse the motor and cutting rotor in a jamming or stalling situation.

The Model 6x8RR is equipped with a staggered eight-knife reversing rotor, outfitted with easy-to-change cassette knives that are opposed by two symmetrical bed knives. Eight additional rotor knives are installed on the staggered rotor for cutting in the opposite rotational direction.

There are a total of 16 rotor knives to accommodate operation of the granulator in either direction. Each bed knife has a pair of cutting edges, one on each side of the knife. Each bed knife can be independently adjusted to achieve the optimum knife clearance between rotor and bed knives.

PN-18-BThe reversing rotor is driven by a 1-1/2 hp gear-motor (3 hp gear motor is optional) for consistent low speed rotation and responsive re-direction. The reversing rotor feature not only prevents jams and clears itself, it also reduces required maintenance on the knives. When the edge is worn, the rotor can be selectively reversed and the 8 opposite rotor knives will be directed towards the product. The re-directing of the rotor allows the granulator to continue working without interruption and requires less frequent knife changes.

If the unit does jam, the drive motor will continue to reverse the direction of the 8-knife staggered rotor until the granulator chamber is cleared. The phase of the power supply for the granulator does not need to be matched to the requirements of the machine direction, necessary with other granulators.

Other basic features of Cumberland granulators are incorporated in the new unit. These include machined cutting chamber surfaces, rotor alignment positioned with precision-machined bearing housings and double-sealed bearings that are lubricated for life.

A tilting top-load infeed provides open access to the cutting chamber area. Knife replacement or adjustment can be accomplished quickly by unfastening the hold- down clasp, safety interlock and removing the screen from the side of the cutting chamber.

Other features include no flyback, resulting from the low dynamics of the low speed reversing mechanics of the cutting chamber and drive. Also, low speed provides less vibration and less noise. Drive motor size can be selected to an optimum nominal horsepower.

Please contact Cumberland directly for pricing information using our Key Contact Directory.

Cumberland Engineering Div.
John Brown Plastics Machinery
So. Attleboro, MA 

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