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July 1, 1999

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Product News - Machine Controller Combines Open Design With Cost-Effectiveness

Machine Controller Combines Open Design With Cost-Effectiveness

pn23-799.jpgThe MachineLogic PC Logic Controller (PCLC) is designed to give OEMs and machine user's a 'low risk' way to migrate from PLCs to PCs. The manufacturer says it looks, feels and works like a PLC, but uses an economical, compact PC platform built around solid-state flash technology.

Flash technology is a read/write storage media that is said to be more reliable than a hard drive.

The control delivers determinable, true 'real-life' performance, just like a PLC, but while also offering multi-tasking like a PC. A preemptive, multi-tasking control gives highest priority to control in performing up to 16 simultaneous tasks.

It uses an operating system structure and a proven PLC software engineering that is said to be running on thousands of PLCs today. It is IEC 1131-3 compliant and provides use of five different shop-floor programming languages, including ladder logic. This is said to provide application versatility while avoiding demands for Information Systems assistance.

The IEC 1131-3 is an emerging global programming standard that had its beginnings in Europe.

On the PC side, the controller provides an open architecture, an integrated development environment, shared networking and shop-floor-to-top-floor communication. It can run as a stand-alone, be used on any PC or be integrated with the builder's Interact HMI software and PowerStation industrial workstations.

The PCLC is said to be cost-competitive with PLCs­from $695 for MachineLogic to as low as $2200 for a complete system of MachineLogic, Interact software and P1 PowerStation. This compares to $8000 to $12,000 for a Windows NT-based system with an industrially hardened, high-performance PC and applications software.

CTC Parker Automation
Milford, OH

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