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March 1, 1999

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Product News - Melt Pumps Address Extruder Efficiency, High-Quality Applications

Melt Pumps Address Extruder Efficiency, High-Quality


pn-10.jpgTwo melt pumps are new from Dynisco Extrusion. The MHDP is designed to reduce the load on extruders, while the MGP melt pump is designed to provide a 'near perfect pulseless' pump system for precision processes.

Extruder efficiency can be improved, according to the manufacturer, by using its MHDP melt pump. Unit is said to reduce the load on extruders, which translates to higher output rates, lower melt temperatures, lower energy consumption and longer screw and barrel life. This pump can also run 100% regrind and improve quality.

The pump is designed specifically to process hard-to-run fractional melt or highly filled material and operates at pressure up to 10,000 psi. The maximum differential pressure is 7500 psig with a temperature range of 60 to 650 F.

Construction is D-2 tool steel helical or spur gears, carbon steel 4140 housings, nitrided steel bearings and stainless steel 304 Turbo Seals.

The MHDP pump is said to offer fast start-ups, more accurate gage control,  increased output with lower shear stress and fast payback. Models are available in sizes for all products and extruders.

PN-11Precision applications, like adhesives, coatings, co-axial cable, laser disk film, photographic film, X-ray film, wire and cable, can benefit from the MGP melt pump, according to the manufacturer. Unit is said to be a 'near perfect' pulseless pump system.

It is offered in both helical and herringbone styles, and both are said to offer performance beyond the capability of a typical two-gear pump system. The helical gears lower pressure variations compared to spur designs, while the herringbone four-gear pump reduces pulsation even more compared to the 2-gear helical and the 2-gear spur designs.

The MGP is offered in various sizes and has a maximum discharge pressure of up to 3500 psi and differential pressure up to 2500 psig. Maximum operating temperature of 650 F. The housing is made of 4140 carbon steel with the gears and shafts of D-2 tool steel. Call manufacturer for pricing information. (See Key Contact Directory.)

Dynisco Extrusion
Hickory, NC

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