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November 1, 1999

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Product News - Multiple-Bed Dryers Handle Large Capacities, Reduce EnergyConsumption

PN 6-11/99Multiple-Bed Dryers Handle Large Capacities, Reduce Energy Consumption

The new HP4-X 400 and HP4-X 500 multiple-bed resin dryers from Dri-Air are said to reduce energy consumption by as much as 50% over conventional two-bed and rotary-bed dryers. This is achieved, according to the company, through regeneration control with a patented, single-blower, stationary tower design that uses dry process air for the regeneration.

The HP4-X 400 and HP4-X 500 can handle up to 400 or 500 lb/hr, respectively, of 'the most difficult-to-dry resins under the worst conditions.' They come with Dri-Air's microprocessor control, which provides closed-loop regeneration control above 300 lb/hr and is designed to prevent temperature spikes on bed shift. It also adjusts the regeneration cycle based on demand, allowing for additional power savings.

Units draw 45 amps so there is no need for natural gas conversion packs. And because there are no moving parts, there aren't any seal or maintenance problems according to the company. Prices start at $16,900.

Dri-Air Industries
East Windsor, CT

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