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February 1, 1999

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Product News - New Controller Makes Sprue Pickers Easier To Use

New Controller Makes Sprue Pickers

Easier To Use

pn462-99.jpgA new hand-held controller with English language diagnostic messaging and input/output display is said to make Yushin's HOP Series sprue pickers for injection molding operations easier to use.

Operators can set up and operate the robot with maximum speed and accuracy and a minimum of training.

The controller has memory for 15 mold set-ups and users can select from dozens of pre-programmed motion patterns, gripping methods, pick-up and release positions and other functions. This is said to reduce the programming  time needed for new molds.

Other features include digital timers that are said to be easy to set, adjust and recall; counters for number of cycles and rejects; and a step mode that allows confirmation of the program and setup prior to engaging fully automatic operation. An E-stop (emergency) button and 'deadman' switch are included for safety.

In related news, the manufacturer says it has reduced by 5% the price of the newest HOP robot. For specific pricing information, contact the company directly by using our Key Contact Directory.

HOP III-M sprue pickers are available with main arm strokes ranging from 450 to 1000 mm, for use on injection molding machines from 25 to 500 tons.

They can remove both parts and runners and can be equipped with nippers for degating. Sealed bearings on all axes and oil-free seals make them practically maintenance-free.

Yushin America, Inc.
Cranston, RI

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