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February 1, 1999

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Product News - New Instruments: Counting Scale, AC Clamp-On Adapter

New Instruments: Counting Scale,

AC Clamp-On Adapter

pn102-99.jpgExtech Instruments has introduced an electronic counting scale for weighing and counting components, as well as a 1000-amp ac clamp-on adapter, which is said to allow clamp-on measurements using any digital multimeter (DMM). 

Counting scale Unit has front-panel auto calibration settings for accuracy and a vacuum fluorescent display that provides piece count (six digits), unit weight (five digits) and total weight (five digits).

Three models are available with weight capacities of 4 lb/2 kg (Model 160252), 10 lb/5 kg (Model 160255) and 20 lb/10 kg (Model 160257). Weight capacity is displayed as kg/lb or net/gross. Count accumulation ranges up to 999,999 pieces.

An RS-232 port allows weights and counts to be transmitted to a printer or PC. The printout can include an ID/reference number, such as a part number for the product counted.

Other features include auto zero, auto tare and splash-proof keypad with audible feedback when a key is pressed. Units are priced at $599.

PN 11 2-99Clamp-on adapter Model 380907 is a 1000-amp ac clamp-on adapter that measures with a basic accuracy of 1.5%.  Unit connects to the common and voltage sockets of any brand DMM with 200 mv or greater input range and outputs of 1 mv/amp.

The clamp jaws open to 2.2 in. and the unit measures 9.5 by 3.6 by 1.7 in. It meets IEC 1010-1 and comes with built-in banana plugs and 9-v battery. Price is $39.

Extech Instruments Corp.
Waltham, MA

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